Think Box Design

Think-Box Design (Corrugated) Limited 2016

About Us - Developing packaging design ideas

Think Box Design is owned and run by Graham Lee.

"I've worked in the cardboard packaging industry for over twenty years since leaving college after studying science.

My first job in the industry was working in the research laboratories for a large multinational packaging company, performing quality assurance checks of the components used to make corrugated fibreboard, and researching the different strength properties of corrugated packaging as a whole. This involved compressing boxes under a 3 tonne load, and testing simulated effects of drop and fork lift damage.

After leaving that position in 2000, I helped develop and improve a successful Sheet Plant company in the South East of England, by at first developing and administering internal systems and then later becoming Production Manager. Together as a team, we raised the annual turn over from £240,000 to £3.5m.

In 2010, I joined another large corrugated manufacturer and again drove procedural changes in their estimating and design department, which is where I found my true calling in developing packaging design ideas for both standard and bespoke packaging for customers and using my knowledge of manufacturing processes to create smart efficient designs which were easy to make and more cost effective.

After 5 years there, I then felt it was time to push on further and work again to take a small company to the next level and try something new, developing designs for customers rather than relying on the often bogged down design departments.

Now, its time for the next stage, so I've created Think Box Design to take product packaging design directly to the end user and offer something different to other packaging design companies. 

​I've built this company as a legacy for my family, to show my children that you can achieve if you strive hard enough."

At Think Box we believe in attention to detail and clear and precise communication with our clients. We do this in a friendly format, whether it be by phone, email or face to face as your opinion counts most importantly.

Your business is important, and its important to us as well. We will never offer a design which is unsuitable for your businesses needs. We strongly feel; Do it right, and do it right first time!