This service will give you a standard box design, for a minimal cost.

The corrugated industry uses an internationally recognised set of standard designs, called FEFCO. All of these designs have a designated 4-digit number reference for easy identification.

​All we need to know is what you need the box for, and how you're going to use it.

We can work out the rest.

The package offers the following for a flat one off fee:

  • A Standard FEFCO design drawing in 2D
  • A plain bordered report drawing stating:
    • ​Your company name
    • FEFCO Style reference number
    • Material grade and flute type
    • Internal dimensions in millimeters
    • Approximate weight of the style in kilograms
  • One free revision for internal size and material grade/flute type change
  • ​A *.cf2 file (common file format) which is compatible with all CAD software

We can also measure your existing boxes and draw them up for you, so you have records and drawings of all your corrugated products so you don't have to hunt around for a sample if you ever run out and need to get new quotes.

For details on pricing, please contact us.

Basic Design Service - for standard box design

Think Box Design

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