Think Box Design offer three different services, which we use our packaging design inspiration to meet any corrugated packaging requirement you might have, and keep costs to a minimum for you. We're not like other packaging design companies, we offer low cost solutions that don't break the bank and develop the best packaging designs possible for your budget.

All of our designs are developed on CAD software and will be completely unique to your company. Any packaging design ideas will be held in the strictest confidence and covered by a Non-Disclosure Agreement which will be signed between your company and Think Box Design before any design work starts. Once complete, the product package design is yours.

Free, No Obligation Consultation

With any of the Design Services, we will clarify all the details you have provided into a design brief to develop your eventual product.

We will then send this to you as a written document for you to check and sign, confirming the details are correct before going to design stage to avoid any misunderstanding to make the process as quick and as cost efficient as possible. 

We know in the modern world, details need to be correct the first time, and quick reaction is our speciality, so whether you're looking for custom corrugated boxes or creative packaging design, we've got it covered!

Optional Add ons

Free, No Obligation Consultation
Bespoke Design Service
Basic Design Service

Basic Packaging Designs

Best packaging design inspiration for packaging design ideas for your product package design

Bespoke Design and Custom Corrugated Boxes

Free, No Obligation Consultation
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